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Sign-ups for the Comic-Con 2018 Volunteer Interest List are now closed. If you have registered for the Interest List, you will be notified when online volunteer registration opens at a later date.

Here’s how volunteer registration works:

Comic-Con 2018 online volunteer registration will only be open to those volunteers who completed assignments in 2017 (the Priority List) and/or have been added to the Comic-Con 2018 Interest List.  Everyone on the Priority and Interest Lists will get an email notifying them of the date and time that online volunteer registration will be available to them. Registration is done through the Comic-Con Member ID system. The Priority List will have a chance to register first and will have a 10-day window in which they are guaranteed to get into the 2018 volunteer program.
After Priority List registration is over, volunteer registration will open up to the Interest List on a first come, first served basis until the program limit has been reached. Once the volunteer program has reached capacity, it will close and there will be no further opportunities to register to volunteer for Comic-Con 2018. Comic-Con volunteer registration will not be open to the general public at any time. You must be on the Priority List or Interest List to receive information about online volunteer registration. 
If you are not on the Priority List or the Interest List, another volunteer opportunity you might want to check out is WonderCon Anaheim from March 23 - March 25, 2018. An announcement regarding the opening of online volunteer registration for WonderCon Anaheim will appear on the WonderCon Anaheim “Volunteers” page and on our social media sites in early 2018.  Watch for it!
We thank ALL of our volunteers, past, present and future, for their help and enthusiasm in making Comic-Con International and WonderCon Anaheim great experiences for all!